Monday, 15 September 2014

Import contacts from excel to vCard

If you are a computer user  for a long time ,you use to excel spread sheet to save their data because excel file has a lot of good quality to save their data into the excel file like if you want to save your name , id ,school name,subject. For all entry into the excel file it make a cell for every entry and save into the spread sheet. You put a lot of entry into the excel sheet, excel sheet allow to all type of mathematical calculation on the sheet , so this all qualities make the excel file to very useful for saving data and information. But after some time the user who work on the excel  face some problem to use of the excel sheet like that it work on only ms office and it can not supported to other application ,iphone , blackberry etc. and can not allow to his distributive file and in this condition the user who work many places they waste their a lot of time to update their every day data because they update their all system data every day . when excel file have a lot of data it become slow to searching  it reason is that when we put our data into excel it make a cell and when we search our data it compare to every cell once it this situation it take a lot of time. For the solving of this problem the use want to use the vcard , vcard is an electronic business card that have a lot of qualities which solve the problem of saving data into the computer. The extension of the vcard is vcf.when you put the data into the vcard it make a file for that data and give him a unique name, its benefit is that when we search any data into the vcard it not search the data one by one it compare to his unique name and gave the result into the few second. Vcard is not allow to ms office but it work on all type of android application like iphone ,blackberry, htc it is very use full to save the data and it allow to his distributive file . this quality save a lot of time to that user who work on many other system and many places . now the vcard use to payment all type of things ,shopping and use of it into the net banking so you use of it transfer fund to one and other acount. These all qualities make it very use full.but a problem to old exce  file to convert  vcard . to solve this problem you use to third party software like import excel to vcard converter that convert you all excel  file to vcard file.

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